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For years, Facebook has been 2nd in US digital ad sales but such may come to an end in the future due to Apple’s continuous iOS updates to its privacy settings that made Facebook advertising less effective.

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Know the Top 2022 eCommerce Trends New year, new trends. This 2022, we’re seeing extensive growth in the world of eCommerce, specifically social commerce, voice search, personalization, augmented and virtual reality, and more. Right now, we’re seeing

Last January 18, 2022, Amazon imposed changes on its FBA fees to partially offset higher permanent operating costs moving forward. Though higher, Amazon notes that their fees still remain 30% less expensive on average than self-fulfillment as

Listen in as Fernando talks about business strategy and all things online marketing to give you a solid sense of how online businesses can achieve massive success. You’ll hear the importance of surpassing ego and asking for

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