Amazon Best Seller Rank or BSR is a score that Amazon assigns to a specific product. This number represents the demand and popularity of a product given a specific period, as well as indicates how frequently it

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eCommerce Q4 Predictions Q4 is fast approaching and sellers may have apprehensions on what’s to come considering the events brought by COVID. Amazon’s operations have been almost unpredictable, adding to the frenzy of how to best strategize,

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Financial Challenges for Online Sellers The importance of having enough cash on hand is well known to all entrepreneurs and when it comes to selling online, things are no different. Even the best online sellers experience decreases

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Should You Worry About Cart Abandonment? Cart abandonment is more common than you think. The average eCommerce store loses about 75% of their sales to digital cart abandonment.  Consumers look through the products on digital stores, select

Is Amazon a Brand-Friendly Marketplace? Amazon has helped small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) grow exponentially, thus producing a growing number of millionaires in the past few years. Their business depends heavily on the trust and confidence of

Why sellers need to be familiar with Amazon order cancellation According to MarketplacePulse, Amazon received nearly one million negative seller reviews last May 2020 alone. 49% of those reviews were fulfillment-related, mentioning keywords such as “never,” “received,”

Selling on Amazon? Don't Miss Out on Selling on Walmart Despite Amazon’s large share of the eCommerce space, other platforms like Walmart can also provide sellers with fruitful growth opportunities. Considering that this multinational retail chain's eCommerce

Get Your Product on the First Page of Amazon SERP   E-Commerce, whether desktop or mobile, has considerably grown over the years. Amazon is no longer the online book retailer that it was decades ago. It is

What Makes a Good Product Description on Amazon? Learning to write optimized product descriptions is a balance between well-researched keywords and engaging content, and - if done right - can increase sales and site traffic for your

People often find themselves jaded just a few short months in starting their online business because they can't find the profitable Amazon products to sell right away. Truth be told, product research and selection are both time-consuming

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