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Trying to grow your CPG brand on Amazon? Listen in on the experts covering advanced strategies for Amazon product launches, merchandising, and ads. Featuring Patricia Menegoto of Startup CPG and the founders of MarketplaceOps, Nick Young and

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Keywords are an essential part of SEO writing and advertising. However, there’s one important aspect of keywords that a lot of beginners tend to ignore: negative keywords. Often, brand bids on highly relevant keywords. But what about

Thanks for joining our Startup CPG x MarketplaceOps event on Clubhouse! We hope you enjoyed our live discussion about mastering advanced Amazon strategies for product launches, merchandising, and advertising. To download your free bonus material, fill out

Amazon Reviews: How Important Are They? Picture yourself as a consumer looking to buy a set of new copper pans on Amazon. The results on the first page can be quite overwhelming as they all look the

We know how overwhelming it can get for first-time sellers on Amazon so here's a bonus material we'd love to share with you: a detailed New Product Launch Checklist that covers everything you need to prep for

Hundreds of sellers have made millions of dollars on Amazon but becoming a multi-million dollar Amazon entrepreneur is not a walk in the park. One challenge every seller encounters is that of how to get Amazon reviews

Know the Top 2021 eCommerce Trends The new business normal is here — and the changes are going to be permanent. From new online shoppers to the largest retail companies selling DTC for the first time, the

2020 was a big win for Amazon as it surpassed 10% of the digital ad market share in the US. It has positioned itself at the top 3 among tech giants, Google and Facebook. These companies are

When you have already gained success in selling your products locally, you start thinking about expanding and increasing your sales exponentially. You may think of going global since this is a guarantee of increasing your target market.

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