Five Signs that Tell You It's Time to Hire an Amazon Marketing Arm

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If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Amazon. Aside from being a top international eCommerce company with 177 billion dollars in net sales revenue in 2017, Amazon is also a complex labyrinth of distribution and marketing tools for those unfamiliar with it. That’s why it’s super helpful to not get lost by hiring an Amazon marketing arm that can successfully implement an advertising campaign.

If your brand is just starting out on Amazon, it may be difficult at first to stabilize. You may be having trouble with your distribution strategy at first. You may still be finding good ways to boost your product listings. You may not even have a promotional strategy for PPC ad campaigns and content marketing. You find you have no time for everything and your team cannot handle all the demands.

These signs and more will tell you it’s time to get help. Think of it as a small push to keep moving forward--with a marketing team that are experts and already have a solid relationship with Amazon.

How do you know it’s time to hire an Amazon marketing arm? There are five tell-tale signs that you might need a little push and a tad more help. You already know how to advertise on Amazon, or marketing strategies that make your brand stand out. In the following article, we’ve compiled a list of five signs that tell your brand it’s time to hire a marketing and advertising arm. Or a leg!


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You’ve decided on a brand name, you’ve hired a few members of your team, and you’ve fired up an Amazon account.

For many brands like you who are just starting out on Amazon, you’ve surely encountered common problems: time management, lack of distribution, lack of operations and lack of marketing strategies.

Reason to Hire:

A consulting agency knows the ins and outs of Amazon.  Outsourcing to them means you can manage your time well with developing your business, while they handle the rest.

The agency can help in all aspects of operations, which take up time. They can also craft a distribution strategy to help with all your distribution needs and will craft a custom sales plan just for your brand.


If you’re just starting out on Amazon, chances are you’re just starting to form a relationship with the Amazon Support Team. You call, and at first you’re happy they’re responsive, but after a while, you get lost in the labyrinth of the support call.

Furthermore, selling on Amazon requires you to be updated with Amazon’s policy changes. Amazon policies can change any time. For example, recent changes include FBA fees, internal storage fees, and long-term storage fees.

These changes can come about rather unexpectedly, and you may not be aware, or may not be able to handle it.

Reason to Hire:

A marketing agency already has a good relationship with Amazon and their support team. They are familiar with the Amazon team, and they know how to navigate the myriad of calls and conversations in a way that would benefit your brand.

Plus, an agency is always up-to-date with any and every policy change on Amazon that comes your way, so it won’t have to bog your brand down. They’ll make you aware when it does come, and help you modify your operations in accordance with the policy change.


3_Money Drain.jpg

You know you’re losing money somewhere, but you don’t know exactly where.

You think it may be on FBA fees, but it could also potentially be on ad spend. You’re going over all your accounts, but can’t locate the money drain. You’re starting to think it’s an invisible man taking your money, complete with the invisibility cloak.

This is quite a big problem. When you can’t identify exactly where the problem is, you won’t be able to find a solution for it anywhere.

Reason to Hire:

A consulting agency made up of e-commerce experts can help identity exactly where you’re losing money. They’re familiar with FBA fees, with ad spend, and even with hidden fees.

In cases like this, it’s usually the lack of knowledge that prevents a brand from truly solving the money drain problem. With experts who have been working with Amazon for over 10 years, an agency is more able to handle problems like this.

Once they locate where the money leak is, they can guide you step-by-step to prevent it from happening again.


It’s been proven that Amazon has pushed out people who were just on the e-commerce platform to sell-it-and-forget-it. Amazon’s priority is to grow their reputation as an e-commerce giant. By doing so, they’ll support businesses that are growing their own brands on the platform, not those who are just looking to make a quick buck.


Doing so would require in-depth understanding of social media marketing, SEO knowledge, expertise on brand awareness, and comprehension of the smartest tools and apps out there to build your brand.

You know you should be advertising and marketing in order to grow your brand and get more attention for your products. But you don’t know where to start, nor do you have time for it.

Reasons to Hire:

If you’re just starting out, now would be a good time to invest in branding or marketing. A marketing arm of your brand would have a clear understanding of advertising, sales and marketing, and can give you marketing tips from direct marketing trends.

This includes Facebook marketing, SEO knowledge and expertise, and experience with brand awareness and marketing strategies. The marketing agency can optimize your internal product listings, and make your external marketing strategies much more powerful.

A team of experts would be very familiar with the right tools and apps inside and outside of Amazon to invest in. They can help with the right social media tools to optimize all your social media accounts. They’ll post relevant content on social media, as well as show you strategies of brand awareness. They’ll make sure that the marketing strategies are tailored to your goals for success. They’ll make social media, digital and content marketing work for your brand.


You’ve seen them all over Amazon--ads, ads, ads. You’ve invested in producing a product, but you haven’t yet had time to think of ads. You know your product would do well on the top of Amazon search results, or on the side of the page, but don’t have much knowledge of the Headline Search Ads or the Buy Box. What is a headline search ad, and how is it different from Sponsored Brands Ads (tip: they’re different names for the same thing). You know, bottom line, ads would be good for your products.

So you’re ready to invest in a marketing branch. But you don’t know the A-Z of ads yet. You don’t even know what PPC means. And you don’t know where to start.

Reason to Hire:

An agency can help answer your question: what is PPC. The marketing agency is composed of a team of experts familiar with PPC Management. They have both the experience and the expertise to manage large PPC campaigns. They have an understanding of creative design, ad optimization, and SEO research--all the different combinations of what goes well with ads. These ads will drive traffic to your product listings. You’ll get an overall increased revenue, and you’ll be more successful as an Amazon seller. They can help you in all aspects of marketing trends and advertising techniques.

The Bottom Line

You know it’s time to add an Amazon marketing arm to your brand. When you’re just starting out on Amazon, you have little knowledge of budget allocation, Amazon support and branding, marketing and ads. You have little time as well to do everything on your own. Your small team is calling out for help as you cannot handle everything with just a sales team. You’ve heard the signs, and now it’s your turn to turn to us.

We are an award-winning team of marketing experts who has been working with Amazon for over 10 years with over $50 million of lifetime marketplace sales with our own successful brands. We can help! With our qualified team, we are well-equipped to handle PPC ads, content and digital marketing, social media marketing, and SEO management. We know all the marketing techniques best able to cope with your growing brand. With us, you won’t have a money drain and you’ll have more time for the important aspects of sales and distribution.

If you’re ready to hire an Amazon marketing arm, reach out to us. MarketplaceOps is here for you. We are a team of online marketplaces and e-Commerce experts who have been in the industry for many years. We’re willing to help you every step of the way. If you have more questions about our article or if you simply need help in starting or handling your Amazon business, just reach out to us by requesting a free consultation or sending an email.