What Makes a High Converting Product Description?


Amazon is a gigantic sea of products that are fighting for potential customers’ attention. To achieve great success in e-commerce, you must master the art of writing a captivating and high converting Amazon product description.

 Remember that your potential customers could not touch or test your product. So, you have to write an Amazon description that captures the strengths, uses, and uniqueness of your product.

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A powerful and high-converting Amazon product description compels potential customers to buy your product. It increases your product popularity, conversions, sales, and even your search ranking.

A high converting Amazon description is not only well-written and captivating. It is also packed with useful product information. It should also answer the following questions:

1. Who is the product for? – Is your product for everyone? Or is it just for teens, adults, or kids? Specifying your target market helps you easily persuade the right people to click that “add cart” icon.

2.      What the product is for? – You have to be clear about what the product is for. Let’s say that you’re selling a backpack? What is your backpack used for? Is it for hiking, for travel, or for laptops? Is it for men, women, or children?

3.      What makes your product unique? – There are probably tens and hundreds of products that are similar to yours. To increase your sales, you have to let your customer know what makes your product special, better, or different?

4.      What’s your products’ story? – The best way to sell your product is to tell them a story. Was it inspired by your trip to Japan? Did you develop your product as a solution to a problem you encountered during your childhood?

5.      How to use your products? – You have to show your customers how your product can make their lives better. You should clearly illustrate how your product works?

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6. Why Amazon users should choose your product? – Is your product cheap? What are the best features and benefits of your product? Is it alluring? It is exclusive? Does it have unique feature? What problem does it solve?

A high converting Amazon product description is well-crafted, interesting, and readable. It is detailed and it highlights the main features of a product. It is descriptive and engaging. It’s SEO (search engine optimization) – friendly. And most of all, it appeals to the potential buyers’ heart and logic. It has to be simple, yet unique.  


Amazon Product Description Tips: How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell

There’s no limit to what words can do. If you want to increase your sales, you have to do more than fill out the Amazon product description template. Below are the top tips that you can use in writing high converting product descriptions.

Write a Product Description That Speaks to Your Audience

You need to connect with your audience deeply to convert page viewers into customers. To do this, you have to identify and understand your target market.

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You can use Google to search for blogs, websites, groups, and forums that are created especially for your target market. For example, if you’re selling yoga pants, check out yoga communities on Facebook to determine your target market’s income, gender, age, and lifestyle. You can also watch yoga and meditation videos so you’d know what words resonate with your potential customers.

You have to write your Amazon description using a tone that your customers could relate to. If you’re selling a headset for gamers, you should write using a language that gamers could relate to. You can use gaming jargon to impress your customers. You can use terms like “surround sound”,
“cloud gaming”, and “chiptune”. But, if you’re selling bridal jewelry, you may want to use fancy adjectives like “intricate”, “charming”, “chic”, “delicate”, and “queenlike”.

If you’re targeting stylish fashionistas, it’s best to use an energetic and playful tone. But, you can use a monotonous and technical tone, if you’re targeting techies and professionals.

Highlight the Benefits of Each Feature

It’s not enough that you list your product’s feature. You should also highlight the benefits of each feature.

Let’s say that you’re selling rubber shoes and your product has foam padding. Your potential buyers want to know what foam padding is for and how it helps relieve foot and heel pain.

Instead of just listing “foam padding” as one of the product features, you can write something like:

’Foam padding – This provides superior cushioning and relieves heel and foot pain. It reduces the pressure on the bottom part of the foot and it’s perfect for diabetics.”

Highlighting the benefits of each feature can help turn skeptics into believers. It can convert mere page visitors into customers.

Use the Infomercial Approach

Infomercials are sometimes annoying. But, if you want to turn site visitors into buyers, you have to use the basic principles of infomercial marketing. You must show your customers how your product works.

Instead of saying “multi-purpose bag”, you can say something like:

“You can turn this backpack into a duffel bag. This means that you can use it for hiking, workout, and travel.”

Show your customers how your product can make their life better. Here’s how you can use the infomercial approach in writing your product description:

1.       Write about how your product can solve a specific problem. This can capture the interest of your page visitors and persuade them to buy your product.

2.      Highlight your product’s exclusivity. If you only have 200 pieces in circulation, include that in your description. You see, there’s a little snob in all of us. We all want to own something that not a lot of people have.

3.      Create a sense of urgency. Demonstrate why your customers need to buy the product now. Your description must have a strong call of action.

Explain Why Your Product is Special

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There are hundreds, if not thousands, of backpacks in the market today. If you want your product to stand out, you have to explain why it’s special and different.

Highlighting your product’s uniqueness does not only increase your sales. It also justifies its price. For example, you can charge $60 for a doormat because it’s personalized and it comes with funny quotes.

Make Your Description Readable

The best product descriptions are not only interesting and beguiling. They are also organized and well-written.

Write using an active voice. This pushes your readers into taking action. It’s also direct and easier to read.

Don’t use jargons unless you’re targeting techies. Use “easy to understand words”. Don’t use hifalutin words; this is not an essay writing contest. Remember that when you’re writing a product description, you are not writing to impress. You are writing to inform and persuade your readers to buy your product.

Make Your First 200 Characters Captivating

Not everyone has the time to read Amazon product descriptions, so you have to make your first 200 words interesting. The first part of your product description should be engaging and it should explain why your page visitors should purchase your product.

Use Bullet Points

Long paragraphs are a bit hard to read. If you want to capture the interest of your readers, it’s best to use bullet points.

Here are a few tips:

  • Create bullet points that easily overcome the reader’s objections. Explain how your product is different from the existing deficient products in the market today.

  • Explain the benefits of each feature.

  • Be specific.

  • Get personal. Demonstrate how your product is perfect for your potential client’s lifestyle.

 You can use the following product description samples as a guide:

sample sample.jpg

This product sample highlights the benefit of the product features. It also explains why the visitor should purchase the product.

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This is an interesting product description because it tells the product’s story. It also illustrates who the product is for and why the reader should buy it.

Optimize Your Description


A well-written description is virtually worth nothing if you can’t get people to visit your Amazon page. This is why you should use SEO (search engine optimization) techniques to rank higher in the Amazon search rankings.

To optimize your product description, you have to place keywords strategically within your texts. Keywords are terms that Amazon customers use to find a specific product. For example, if a customer is looking for ground coffee, he’ll likely type “ground coffee”, “best ground coffee”, or “cheap ground coffee”.

Placing the keywords in your product description increases your product page’s visibility in Amazon search results. It increases your page views and your sales.

Here are a few SEO tips that you can use to optimize your description:

1.       Do keyword research to see which keywords potential customers use to search for your product. If you own a brand, you can use the Amazon Brand Analytics. You can also subscribe to a premium service called ARA or Amazon Retail Analytics. But, if you do not have access to these tools, you can use free ones like Google Trends and Keyword Shitter.

 2.      Avoid keyword stuffing. Make sure that your keywords fit well in your content. Every sentence in your description should make sense.

3.      Your content should be aligned with your photos.

4.      Strategically place your keywords in the title, first paragraph, and the last paragraph of your product description. This allows Amazon to easily index and rank your page higher in the search results.

Final Thoughts

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Writing Amazon product descriptions is not as hard as you think. You just have to keep your customers in mind. You have to speak in a tone that they can relate to. You have to use words that appeals to both their emotions and logic.

You have to emphasize the product’s benefits. You should thoroughly explain how your product can solve a problem. That’s how you can convert page visitors into customers.