A Complete Checklist of Amazon's EBC

Amazon is the biggest online selling platform. It has produced various millionaires and it empowers entrepreneurs to reach a wider global audience. It is, no doubt, one of the best things to ever happen in the world. But of course, it’s not without problems.

It’s no secret that the platform’s product description page is not as interesting as one would hope. However, if you’re a brand owner, there’s a tool that you can use to create an engaging and enthralling content called Amazon Enhanced Brand Content or EBC.

What is Amazon Enhanced Brand Content?

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content or EBC is both a tool and a privilege that’s available only to brand owners. It gives brands an advantage and help them be one step ahead of their competitors.

EBC is a tool that you can use to showcase your products and present it in a more positive light. It’s something that you can use to present the true value of your products to your potential customers. It essentially gives you more space to talk about your product.

Instead of the boring or tedious paragraphs, it allows you to create a rich content that includes photos, text, banners, and even videos. It helps you tell stories that hook your page visitors and convert them into customers.

Why Should You Use The Amazon EBC Feature?

Remember that this tool is not available to all sellers. So, if this option is available to you, why not use it? The biggest benefit of using enhanced brand content is that it allows you to use different forms of content to engage your website visitors. You can add photos, videos, and more text. It helps you tell stories. It’s definitely more pleasing to the eyes that the regular Amazon description page.

One of the biggest benefits of Amazon enhanced brand content is that it allows you to engage existing customers and it helps you creatively introduce your products to new audiences.

Enhanced brand content is absolutely an awesome new feature. It has a long list of benefits, including:

It increases your organic ranking on the Amazon search engine.

square image 2.jpg

Amazon is actively looking for attractive and engaging content. So, if you have visually appealing product page, you’re most likely to increase your search engine ranking. You know what this means – more traffic. And as may already know, more traffic often translates to product popularity and increase in revenue and sales. This eventually leads to expansion and business growth.

It increases your market share.

EBC keeps you one step ahead of your competitors because it gives you the opportunity to create better and more engaging content. This helps you steal some of your competitors’ customer and increase your market share.

square image 3.jpg

Let’s say that you’re selling yoga pants and your competitors don’t use the EBC feature. So, they only get to post photos of work yoga pants. If you have EBC, you can post videos showing your product increases one’s mobility. This could help you get more customers.

It keeps the site visitors focused on your product.

Amazon’s product description page is great, but it has a lot of distractions. When your page visitors scroll down, they could easily see your competitors’ products. This could cause you to lose customers.

EBC keeps your page visitors engage so it basically keeps them from looking at other products.

It helps you build an emotional connection with your customer.

A lot of customers do not buy a product because it’s useful or practical. They buy a product because it’s cool, scarce, or it really makes them feel good. EBC allows you to tell stories that strike the customers’ emotional chords. It works a lot like a TV ad. It enables you to present your product in the best way possible.

It’s more organized.

EBC makes your content page more readable and organized. It helps you add photos, subheadings, italics, and bullet points. It helps you divide your content into clean and logical sections.

It reduces returns and negative reviews.

square image 4.jpg

EBC gives you more space to talk about your product. You can add more photos so the customers can see how it’s used or how big it is. You can also add videos to showcase your product from different angles. This empowers your customers to make an informed purchasing decision. This reduces negative reviews and returns.

It brings you more money.

Using EBC can increase your conversion rate by at least five percent. It reduces returns and increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. Using this feature may make you part of the Amazon’s millionaire circle. You’ll never know.

The Enhanced Brand Content Amazon Checklist

As previously mentioned, EBC is not available for everyone. Before you start creating your enhanced brand content, you must do the following:

Enroll in the Amazon brand registry.

You must own a registered brand to use this service. So, the first thing you need to do is to enroll in the Amazon brand registry. You would need to answer a few questions about your product. You must also provide the following:

  • Product image with branding (the logo must be visible)

  • Images of your product packaging

  • Link to an active website that displays the products under your brand

  • Universal product code (UPC) card and other attributes to your product

  • Registered trademark document

      If you provide complete documents, your application will be approved in 48 hours.

You must have an Amazon Pro Seller Central account.

This option is available to Amazon Pro seller central account holders for now.

Prepare your photos.

Before you start building your enhanced content, you have to prepare your photos. EBC has image guidelines, which we will discuss later on. But, you have to make sure that your product image size is at least 300 x 300 pixels. It’s best to invest in professional product photography and styling. Keep your images clean yet interesting.

Be honest. Do not overly edit your photos. Overly edited photos can only lead to returns and customer dissatisfaction. You can add a combination of pure product photos and in-context images to lure customers in and persuade them to buy your product. You can take clean, product-focused photos, but you can also take outdoor photos if it suits your brand’s personality and voice. There are a lot of enhanced brand content examples that you can use as a guide.

Your photos must be original. Do not use photos that are copyrighted to someone else.

Shoot your product videos.

Video merchandising is the new trend in creating online product displays, so you might as well add videos to your product description page. You must keep Amazon’s policies in mind when shooting your product videos.

  • Do not mention your competitors’ products.

  • Do not use words like “cheap” or “affordable”.

  • Do not include warranties.

  • Logos from other brand.

Write your product description text.

More and more customers prefer visuals, most especially those that are laid out in a mobile-friendly format. But, there are still a lot of online shoppers who read product description texts. This is the reason why you should prepare engaging and well-written product descriptions (in your EBC).

You must use clear and easy to understand words. Remember that this is not an essay-writing contest. You just need to create relatable content that appeals to customers’ logic and heart.

You should follow the following Amazon guidelines when writing your content:

  • Do not include guarantees or satisfaction claims

  • Do not remember your company as a distributer or seller

  • Avoid using promotional words like “buy now”, ‘bonus”, “cheap”, and “free”.

  • Do not use text that’s copyrighted to someone else

  • Proofread your content. Correct spelling and grammatical errors.

  • Do not include boastful words like “the best product”. Do not include unverified claims, especially if you are selling products under the health category.

How to Create Your Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

Once you have your photos, videos, and text ready, it’s time to build your content. You can follow these steps:

Step 1 – Log in to your seller central account.

Go to your seller central account. Go to the “advertising” tab and go to enhanced brand content.

Step 2 - Choose an Amazon enhanced brand content template

ebc templates.jpg

There are five enhanced brand content templates that you can choose from, namely:

  1. Rose (Template 1) – This is the best template because it has two banners, creating a powerful visual effect.

  2. Tulip (Template 2) – This is the simplest template. It’s best if you prefer a clean and organized content.

  3. Orchid (Template 3) – This template is similar to tulip, but with lesser product photos. If you only have few product lines, this is a good choice.

  4. Sunflower (Template 4) – This is an image-heavy template and great for lifestyle products.

  5. Lilly (Template 5) – This template is also great for those who want to focus on two or three products.

You must also take note of the following Amazon enhanced brand content image sizes:

template specs.jpg

It’s also best to add EBC custom modules to an existing template. Use the “comparison products” module to cross sell products. This allows you to showcase products that are best suited to your customers’ needs.  This can prevent the customer from going to your competitors’ page. You can add up to six products under the “comparison products” section.


Step 3 – Organize Your Content

Each section should be about one thing. For example, if you’re selling essential oils, you can use one section for oils with musky scent. You can use another section for floral oils.

Also, keep your content simple. It must be interesting, but visually cohesive. See the enhanced brand content examples, below:


Step 4 – Optimize Your Content

To increase your ranking on Amazon search results, you must strategically place keywords in your content. Keywords are search terms that potential customers use to find your products on Amazon. For example, if you’re selling potato chips, you may want to include keywords like “spicy potato chips” or “salted egg potato chips” in your content.

Optimizing your content increases your traffic and could potentially increase your sales and revenue.

Step 4 – Submit Your Content

Once you’re done, submit your content. To get your content approved, you must make sure that you avoid the following:

  • Boastful comments such as “number one product” or “top selling brand”

  • Blurry images

  • Spelling and grammatical errors

  • Images with watermarks

  • Images that do not show the product

  • Web links

  • Products that are used for criminal activity

  • Subjective language

  • Comparing your products to the other items sold on Amazon

  • Adult content

  • Offensive content

Your content will be published in about 7 days. But usually it just takes around 2 days, given that you didn’t violate any of the EBC rules. If your content got rejected because of violations, you need to revise and resubmit it.

Final Thoughts

As the name suggests, EBC allows you to create enhanced and better content that increases your conversion rate. It increases your traffic. It encourages loyal customer base. And most of all, it gives you a competitive advantage over the vast sea of brand owners and online sellers on Amazon.