How to Write Product Descriptions: The Science behind Product Descriptions That Sell


When you’re selling products online, your customers can’t see or touch your products. They won’t know how big it is or if it’s really the one they’re looking for. So, aside from posting attractive and well-lit photos, you must also learn how to write product descriptions that sell.

The Importance of Writing a Fascinating and Captivating Product Copy

According to Microsoft-sponsored research conducted in 2015, humans have an average attention span of 8 seconds, thanks to smartphones and other distractions. The researchers studied the brain activity of over a hundred people using EEGs or electroencephalograms. They found out that humans attention span is lower than that of a goldfish. This is why you have to write captivating and engaging product descriptions.

Product descriptions can either make or break your product. Choosing the right images and words can persuade even the most distrustful reader to purchase your product.

A well-written product copy can establish you as a reliable and trustworthy industry leader.  It can help you effectively connect and communicate with your customers.

Product Description Writing 101

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Learning how to write descriptions more effectively can significantly increase your sales, revenue, and profits. It can increase your site traffic and help you become a star in your line of business.

Here’s a list of tips that you can use in writing an interesting and high converting product description:

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1. Write using a tone that’s appealing to your target audience.

Before you even start writing a product description, you have to identify your target audience. This way, you can write using a tone that they can easily understand and relate to.

Sit down and think about your potential customers. Are they men, women, or both? What are their interests? How old are they? Where do they live? What do they need? How do they make their purchasing decision? What’s their disposable income?

Answering these questions can help you identify your target audience and use a writing style that they can easily comprehend and identify with.

Remember that you must use a writing style that’s appealing to your target audience. Use a formal and professional tone if you’re targeting academics and entrepreneurs. But, if you’re targeting new age hippies, use magical, whimsical, and inspiring words. This strategy can significantly increase the conversion rate of your product description.


2. Highlight your product benefits in the copy.

As a business owner, you’re just too enthusiastic to share the key features and specs of your product. And, there’s nothing wrong with that. But, most buyers are not interested in product specs. They want to know how they can benefit from your product. They need to know how your product can improve their life.

Let’s say that you’re selling essential oils. Instead of writing:

Aroma Strength: Medium

Color: Colorless

Source: Lavandula Latifolia

Density: 0.905

You can write something like:

This lavender oil has an enchanting scent that can reduce stress and restlessness. It can improve the quality of your sleep and can help stabilize your mood, decreasing the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Highlighting the benefits of your products can compel and persuade your readers to take action and click the “add to cart” button.


3. Tell a story.

Stories are captivating and they stimulate our imagination. They transform us to another world. According to a study, stories activate the part of our brain that’s responsible for experiences.

Facts, on the other hand, can only activate the part of our brain that’s responsible for language. This is why we can only retain 10 percent of the information we obtained from statistics and data. But, we can retain up to 70 percent of the information we collected from stories. So, if you want to leave a mark in your site visitor’s mind and heart, you have to incorporate a little bit of your story in your product description.

Facts speak to the brain, while stories affect the heart. And as you may already know, most online shoppers do not use their brains in purchasing products, they use their heart. They trust brands that make them feel good about themselves. This is why social enterprises are so successful.

In her book Story Genius, Lisa Cron explained how storytelling and cognitive psychology goes hand in hand. This is why people who have good stories are most likely to succeed in life.

In writing a high-convertingcontent, you have to use the principles of memory in stories and human perception to get a positive emotional response from your target market.

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4. Use power words.

Certain words release the feel good chemical called oxytocin in our brains. This neurochemical helps trigger feelings of well-being, security, and love. This is the reason why you should use positive power words in writing your product description.

Use enticing words like heart, grateful, sensational, stunning, hope, mind-blowing, wonderful, happy, and excited. These words can trigger enough positive feelings to push your site visitors to click the “buy now” button.

Unless you’re targeting really serious individuals, use a light-hearted and friendly writing style. Write like you’re just talking to a friend.


5. Make sure that your product description is readable.

As previously mentioned, humans have low attention span and most online shoppers do not have an extra 15 minutes just to read a product description.

To increase the readability of your product description, follow these tips:

  • Keep your product description short and sweet. You do not have to include all the benefits and features. You just have to highlight the ones that truly matter.

  • Write short sentences. Long sentences are hard to read and understand. Writing short sentences can make your product description more engaging and interesting.

  • Create several sections like summary, features and benefits, and brand story.

  • You must format your product description well, so it’s easy to scan and read.

  • Do not use jargon except if you’re targeting geeks and techies. Keep your words simple. This is not an essay-writing contest. You don’t have to impress your readers with highfalutin words.

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6. Avoid fillers.

Remember that your readers do not have all the time in the world. Be direct to the point and avoid fillers. Make sure that each word and sentence add value to your readers.


7. Use a great description example as a guide.

If you’re new to product description writing, it’s useful to use various product description examples. You can check various ecommerce websites that sell similar products so you could get a few ideas.

Let’s look at the example below:

This product description is well-written and fun. It tells an interesting story and it vividly describes the scent of the product.

This product description is well-written and fun. It tells an interesting story and it vividly describes the scent of the product.


Now, let’s look at the next example below. This description is compelling because it ties the product’s features to its benefits.

This description does not only mention that the shoes are made of lambskin. It also illustrates how a lambskin lining can increase comfort. Isn’t it brilliant?

This description does not only mention that the shoes are made of lambskin. It also illustrates how a lambskin lining can increase comfort. Isn’t it brilliant?


8. Optimize your product description.

A well-written product description is useless if your potential customers can find it. This is why you have to use SEO (search engine optimization) techniques in writing your product description.

Strategically insert keywords in your product description. Just in case you don’t know yet, a keyword is a search term that your potential customers use to search for products that are similar to yours.

For example, if you’re selling baby powder, it might be a good idea to add words like “baby powder”, “baby powder for rashes”, or “hypoallergenic powder” into your product description.

Create Your Own Product Description Template

If you’re writing product descriptions for multiple products or variations of a certain product, creating a template will save you a lot of time.

When creating your own template, it’s useful to include the following:

  • The problem that your product is solving – To achieve great success in business, you have to create a product that addresses a specific problem. So, you have to explain how your product can make your customers’ lives better and how it could solve some of their problems.

  • The benefits of your products – You have to tie your product features with its benefits. Let’s say that you’re selling a straw bag. Why should your site visitors buy your product? How can a straw bag help save the environment and provide livelihood to indigenous people?

  • The brand story – Inspire your reader with your unique story. Highlight your mission and your struggles.

  • Call to action – This is necessary, especially if you’re selling on your own eCommerce site. A call to action creates a sense of urgency.

And most of all, you have to add great photos. Words are powerful, but they can only do so much. After all, 65 percent of human beings are visual learners.

Final Thoughts

Words can make people feel things. They’re powerful. Use the power of written word to increase your sales. Take time to learn how to master the art of writing product descriptions.

Words can make people feel things. They’re powerful. Use the power of written word to increase your sales. Take time to learn how to master the art of writing product descriptions.