The Amazon Best Sellers Rank Explained

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank Explained


You’ve most likely heard about Amazon BSR. But, what does BSR mean and how you can use it in making important business decisions?

Well, BSR or Best Seller Rank is a score that Amazon assigns to a specific product. This number indicates how frequently a product sells. It represents the product’s demand and popularity at a specific time period.

It also measures how well a product sells vis-à-vis the other products in its category. A lot of factors contribute to a product’s BSR such as its recent sales volume and historical sales data. Plus, take note that each category has its own Amazon seller ranking system.

You can find BSR on multiple pages, namely category-level Best Selling Products page, and the main Best Selling Products page.


You can also find it in the product description page along with other essential information, such as the shipping weight, product dimensions, ASIN, item model number, and average customer review.

To understand BSR, let’s look at Wrangler Authentic Men’s Twill Cargo pants as an example. If you look at the photo below, you’ll see that the product is #3 in the Men’s Casual Pants category. This means that it has the third highest current sales in that category.


Generally, you’d want to have a lower BSR number. This means that 1 is better than 1,000. When you have a BSR of #1, it means that your product is selling more than all the other products in your category.

How Is Amazon BSR Calculated?

BSR is a good indication of how well a product is currently selling on Amazon. The sales rank of the top 10,000 in different categories is updated every hour. But, the rank of the rest of the products is updated every three hours.

Best Seller Rank reflects a product’s current sales. But, Amazon also considers historical sales data in calculating the BSR.

To illustrate this, let’s look at a hypothetical example. Let’s say that Product X is currently ranked #400 in the Kitchen & Dining category. Product Y is ranked #800 in the same category. Let’s say that Product X made 20 sales in the last hour, while Product Y made 10 sales. Now, in the next hour X sells 10 products while Y sells 20 items. You’d think that the products would swap places, right?

Well, not really. Here’s what happens - X goes down to #300 while Y goes up to #700. BSR doesn’t have drastic fluctuations because the ranking system also considers historical sales data in calculating a product’s rank at any given time. You’d need to have a pretty strong historical sales numbers to stay in the top 5 best-selling products in your category.

Why It’s Important to Have a Good BSR Amazon Rank

According to various Amazon retail experts, BSR is mainly a vanity metric. It gives you bragging rights. Plus,it’s pretty easy to manipulate. In fact, a lot of sellers engage in black hat practices to drastically increase their sales rank.

But even so, BSR is still an important metric to look at because it measures that product’s popularity. It is an indication of how well your product is performing vis-à-vis your competitors. This helps you identify where you’re at in the Amazon marketplace.

Is BSR a good metric to look at when predicting future sales? Not really. BSR does not directly impact future sales, but it increases your product optics and visibility. Customers are most likely to purchase popular products because they associate popularity and sales velocity with quality.

Products with good BSR are also more visible in the Amazon ecosystem. They appear in the upper portion of the search engine results page (SERP), usually before the organic results. They also appear in the Amazon Best Seller page.

BSR is not a reliable predictor of future sales. But, having a good sales rank strengthens your product’s reputation and it’s a great way to get more exposure for your product.

How to Use Your Best Seller Rank in Making Sound Business Decisions

BSR is a good metric to look at when you’re doing product research for your Amazon FBA business. It helps you identify what products to resell and how quickly you can sell them. If you choose a product that has 500,000 sales rank, that’s not going to sell. It’s just going to sit in the Amazon warehouse for months (and sometimes years). You will never make money out of your inventory.

So, what BSR score is considered acceptable? Well, it depends on what category you’re looking at. To illustrate this point, let’s look at the hypothetical numbers below:


As you can see, each category is different. The Beauty and Personal Care Category has over a million items, so #11,000 is actually a good BSR score. But, #11,000 is a pretty bad score if you’re looking at the Arts and Crafts category.

To maximize your sales and avoid losing money on sitting inventory, it’s best to resell a product that’s in belongs to the top one percent products in its category.

You can also use it to estimate future sales using tools like AMZScout Estimator Tool. You can simply type in the sales rank of a product, click on “calculate sales”. You’ll then see the estimated monthly sales of that product.


Other product research tools like Jungle Scout Sales Estimator also allows you to forecast sales using BSR.

Keep in mind that having a good BSR score increases your visibility in the Amazon ecosystem, particularly the search engine results page (SERP). This can potentially increase your sales and can help you win the buy box game.

How to Track Changes to Your Best Seller Rank

You can track BSR changes using different tools, such as rank tracer and AMZ tracker. These tools can help you stay on top of your seller’s rank.

How to Improve Your Amazon Best Seller Rank

As mentioned earlier, a lot of Amazon sellers use black hat practices to manipulate their sales rank. They purchase their own products to drastically increase their sales numbers.

But, here’s a list of legal strategies and techniques that you can use to significantly increase your best seller rank:

1. Optimize Your Product Detail Pages


Optimizing your product pages increases your visibility in the Amazon SERP. This increases your traffic and your sales.

Here are a few SEO tips that you can use to make your listing search engine-friendly:

✔ Conduct an extensive keyword research to make sure that you target the right keywords.

Choose those that have high traffic, low competition, and high ROI. It’s also important to target keywords that are actually relevant to your product.

✔ Strategically place the keywords in your product title and description. This makes it easier for the Amazon search engine to index your page.

✔ Use bullet points to increase the readability of your product description.

✔ Make sure that your product description is well-written. Spend a lot of time writing and proofreading your description. Use a language that your target market can relate to.

2. Adopt A Wise Pricing Strategy

A lot of sellers overprice their product to maximize their profit margin. This is not a wise strategy, especially if you’re selling on Amazon. Remember that Amazon is a highly competitive environment.

You would have a hard time increasing your sales velocity if you have a weak pricing strategy. Keep in mind that you must set a reasonable price to win the buy box game and increase your sales numbers.

3. Use High Quality Photos

Keep in mind that your customers can’t touch your products so make sure that you use high quality photos.

It’s best to hire a professional product photographer to do the work for you. Also, make sure that your photos are clear and consistent.

4. Launch Promotions

If you’re launching a new product, it’s best to give out coupon codes. This can give you a head start and increase your sales velocity.

5. Run a PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign

Here’s the truth – nothing is purely organic anymore. If you want to eventually increase your organic SERP ranking, you must run a PPC campaign. Amazon ads are cost effective and they can significantly improve your page traffic and sales numbers.


Final Thoughts

Amazon Best Seller Rank is not the strongest and most accurate metric. But, you can use it to predict future sales and identify which products to sell.

Having a good BSR also increases your visibility in the Amazon ecosystem and could help you improve your product’s reputation. It can indirectly increase your sales number and also help you win the buy box game.

Amazon is a competitive marketplace. If you need help in creating a powerful marketing strategy for your Amazon business, speak to our team of experts. We can equip you with tools and help you create the right strategies to achieve massive success and reach your business goals.