How to Get an Amazon Choice Badge for Your Products

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Celebrity endorsements play a huge role in the growth and success of many brands. Coca-Cola has a significantly bigger market share than Pepsi Cola. On the other hand, Pepsi has bigger brand equity and value because of a string of celebrity endorsements from big superstars like Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Kendal Jenner, Madonna, and Beyonce. 

Endorsement from credible people and organizations can shoot up your sales and credibility. It can increase product recall and can significantly increase your brand’s equity and value. 

But what if you can get an endorsement from the world’s most trusted online retail store? What if you can get Amazon to recommend your products? Well, the good news is, if you’re selling your products on Amazon, you can actually secure the retail giant’s seal of approval known as Amazon’s Choice.

What Does Amazon’s Choice Mean?

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One of Amazon’s biggest strengths is its massive inventory. But because of the retail giant’s huge breadth of inventory, the colossal amount of choice can really be overwhelming for shoppers. If you’re shopping for a gaming headset, you’ll have to choose from over a thousand models. This can and will take so much of your time, if you don’t have a preferred brand.

Amazon’s Choice helps consumers narrow down their choices and make quicker purchasing decisions. It is a badge placed on certain products and listings. It serves as a seal of approval. It serves as a recommendation and a guide, so shoppers know which product to buy. This badge helps shoppers get the best product for the best price. It increases customer satisfaction and helps shoppers save time. This feature also helps shoppers find highly rated and well-priced products with Prime shipping.

Amazon Choice is more than just a badge. It is essentially a collection of curated products that the retail giant wants shoppers to purchase. It was created in 2015 to streamline purchases on Alexa voice-operated devices. 

Let’s say that you’re shopping using Amazon Echo. You asked Alexa to find you a high quality disposable camera. Now, it’s nearly impossible for Alexa to give you all the hundreds of products that match your search. Amazon placed a badge on highly rated and reasonable products, so it’s easier for Alexa to recommend products to voice shoppers.

Today, Amazon’s Choice is no longer just for Alexa voice-operated devices. It’s now more and more visible on the Amazon website and mobile app.

What Can An Amazon Badge Do For You?

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As previously mentioned, the choice badge is a seal of approval. It is a form of recommendation and endorsement. Getting the badge can significantly increase your product’s visibility and presence on the Amazon search engine results page (SERP). This can significantly increase your sales, revenues, and profits. 

Getting an Amazon badge can elevate your brand to a whole new level and put it in a positive light. This can help you attract new customers.

The Amazon Choice Products Selection Process

So what makes a product Amazon Choice?  The retail giant did not clearly explain their criteria for choosing their recommended products. People think that Amazon has a team of curators looking for products to recommend to the customers. But, considering the broadness of Amazon’s inventory and the frequent appearance of the badge, it’s less likely that there’s a team hand-picking products to recommend. 

Amazon’s choice is also keyword-driven. For example, if you type “backpack walking” on the search tab, you’ll find these recommended products:


Also, the products with the winning badge change regularly. This is a strong indication that the Amazon’s choice product selection process is algorithmic and does not involve manual curation. 

 After examining a significant number of badged products, it’s safe to say that Amazon considers the following criteria in selecting products to recommend:

  • Highly rated

Recommended products usually have a user rating of at least 4 stars.


Reasonably Priced

Amazon wants to give shoppers good value for their money. This is why they’d most likely recommend products with competitive prices.

  • Best Seller

It’s no secret that Amazon prioritizes the welfare and preference of its shoppers. This is why they’d give a seal of approval to products that are well-loved and popular with shoppers.

  • Can Ship Immediately

You must have a significant amount of inventory. This way, you’re ready to take orders and ship the products immediately.

  • High Click Rate for the Particular Keyword

High click rate is an indication of the product’s demand and popularity. The more popular your product is, the bigger the chances that you’ll get the choice badge. 

  • Lower Return Rate Than Most Products in its Category

Customer satisfaction is Amazon’s utmost priority. This is the reason why the retail giant will most likely recommend a listing with lower return rate than most products within its category. 

  • Eligible for Prime Delivery

We live in a modern world where patience is no longer a virtue. More and more people don’t want to wait days before they receive their orders. This is why Amazon prefers Prime products.

You see, Prime products come with delivery benefits like free shipping and fast delivery speed. 

How to Get Amazon Choice Badge?

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Getting Amazon to place a badge on your product is not an easy feat. You have to keep an eye on your performance metrics and make sure that you deliver on time and that you have a low return rate.

Here are a few tips that can help you get that coveted badge:

1. Optimize your listing.

As previously mentioned, Amazon’s choice is keyword-driven and its product selection process is most likely algorithmic. Search engine optimization (SEO) or strategic placement of high traffic keywords can increase your chances of getting that badge.

2. Work on improving your customer rating.

You need to have an average of 4-star rating to get Amazon’s recommendation. So, you have to keep your customers satisfied. You must also proactively deal with your bad reviews. Take time to ask Amazon to remove inaccurate and suspicious reviews. It’s also a good idea to reply to all reviews so customers know that you take customer feedback seriously.  You should also go the extra mile to turn a bad review into a good one. 

3. Raise your brand equity.

Amazon usually recommends trusted and established brands. To get that badge, you have to increase your brand equity and there are a lot of ways to do this. First, you have to produce something great. Your huge marketing efforts can go to waste if your product is barely functional.

Investing on ads can also increase your brand equity. You can try different types of pay per click ads, such as sponsored brands and product display ads. You can also try Amazon’s Demand-Side Platform to increase your brand impressions.

4. Minimize your product returns. 

Product returns are stressful and can significantly decrease customer satisfaction. To minimize your returns, you have to make sure that your product representation is accurate. Be honest and set proper expectations so your customers won’t get disappointed. 

Here’s a list of tips that you can use to keep your customers happy and avoid returns:

  • Write a detailed product description 

  • Make sure that you post accurate product specs and features

  • Offer live chat so your customers can ask questions before they buy the product

  • Pack the product carefully to avoid breakage

  • Set proper shipping expectations

5. Be Prime-eligible.

You won’t get the badge if you’re not Prime-eligible. If you hover your cursor over the Amazon’s Choice badge, you’ll see the words “available to ship immediately”. This means that your product must be in stock all the time and ready to arrive on the customer’s doorstep within 2 days or less.  Try your best to pack and ship orders the same day.                            

6. Set a reasonable price.

People shop on Amazon because of its competitive prices. This is why Amazon would most likely recommend reasonably priced products. Avoid overpricing. Choose an affordable manufacturer, so you can afford to do this. 

7. Boost your sales.

Keep in mind that Amazon recommends best sellers. So, you have to work hard to boost your sales and conversion rates. If you’re a brand owner, avail of Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). Content-rich product pages usually have higher conversion rates. You can also launch marketing and pay-per-click advertising campaigns to boost your sales.