How to Leverage the Amazon Brand Registry Program to Protect Your Brand


With the rapid rise of online shopping, brands are now facing a plethora of problems that can potentially damage their brand integrity, value, identity, and reputation. They constantly have to worry about the increasing number of unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters.

Amazon was aware that brands are facing a number of issues and challenges on a daily basis. That’s why they came up with a program called Amazon Brand Registry or ABR.

The Remarkable Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry


ABR is a powerful Amazon feature that gives the brand the power to post enhanced and content-rich product pages. It also gives the brand owners increased control over their product listing. 

The Amazon Brand Registry has a plethora of tools that you can use to keep yourself one step ahead of your competitors. It also has a number of amazing benefits, including:

1. Accurate Information and Up-to-Date Brand Representation

ABR gives you more control over all the product listings that use your brand name. This means that you have control over your distributors’ listing. This helps you ensure that your product information is accurate and up-to-date. This preserves your brand integrity, value, and reputation. 

2. Rich Content

Brand registry has an awesome feature called Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). This tool allows businesses to post content rich product descriptions for branded ASINs. EBC allows you to use enhanced images and text placements to convey your unique brand story.

Adding enhanced brand content to your product detail pages can increase your ad conversion rate and improve your sales numbers. It can also elevate your brand equity and reputation because it enables you to present your brand in the best possible light. This also increases your credibility and solidifies your brand presence on Amazon. 

3. Advanced Amazon Registry Search 

One of the most amazing things about the Amazon Brand Registry is that it has an advanced search feature, making it easier for you to spot counterfeits and potential trademark infringements.  It has awesome Amazon registry lookup tools, such as:

  • Global search – This tool allows you to search for content in different Amazon stores from around the globe in the same screen. This makes it easier for you to track your product listings in different countries such as France, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Australia, Netherlands, Singapore, Turkey, Japan, and China. 

  • Bulk ASIN search – This feature helps you search for ASINs or product URLs in bulk. It improves your search efficiency and helps you quickly spot infringing content and counterfeits. 

  • Image search – This wonderful tool allows you to identify product listings that match your logos and other brand images. This tool does not only help you identify counterfeits. It also helps you spot unauthorized sellers.

You can use all these three tools to look for counterfeits and official infringement. After you’ve completed your search, the brand registry gives you a detailed workflow on how you can accurately submit a report of a possible trademark infringement. Then, Amazon reviews your report and takes necessary action.

4. Product IDs

No UPC (universal product code) or EAN (European Article Number)? No problem. ABR uses product ID instead of EANs or UPCs. 

5. Enhanced Customer Support

ABR gives you access to an awesome and efficient customer support team that’s always ready to address your ABR-related issues and problems. This customer service team is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

6. Counterfeit Protection


ABR gives brands superior protection against counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers. It allows you to report trademark violations. 

Amazon  registry also has an automated counterfeit removal tool that uses your brand information to carry out extra layers of predictive protections. It scans images, trademarks, and serial numbers to find and remove fake listings. Brand registry can help you find:

  • Product listings that incorrectly use your trademark in their titles.

  • Images that has your trademarked logo, but for the products that do not bear your brand name. For example, the tool could find shoes that uses the 3 stripes Adidas logo but uses the brand name “add the dust”. 

  • Unauthorized product listings using your brand name

  • Resellers that are shipping from countries that do not distribute or manufacture your brand. 

But more than that, ABR gives you access to Project Zero, Amazon’s anti-counterfeit program. Zero also allows you to proactively remove counterfeits using brand registry’s self-service counterfeit removal tool. We will discuss this later on. 

7. Access to Premium Ad Spaces

Being a registered brand gives you access to sponsored brands. This pay per click ad type allows you to post an ad at a premium location – at the top area of the Amazon search engine results page (SERP).

Brand Registry 2.0: Strengthening Amazon’s Anti-Counterfeiting Initiatives


Amazon brand registry has been around for a while. It was initially developed to enable brands to create awesome and rich content to improve their presence on Amazon. The original version focused on giving brands control over their product listing content. It also provides UPC exemptions for established brands.

In 2017, Amazon launched Brand Registry 2.0. This is a more advanced version of ABR that makes it easier for brands to identify and remove counterfeiters.

ABR 2.0 allows you to report listing and marketplace issues such as product review manipulation and incorrect product listing information. It also allows you to submit a trademark infringement claim and escalate previous reports and cases.

To do this, you need to log in to your seller or vendor central account and go to You’ll then see the “allegation of infringement” page as pictured below. Only agents and trademark owners (or their representatives) are allowed to file a claim. 


Once you’ve filled out the form, you will receive an infringement claim email confirming that Amazon received your trademark infringement case and that it would take a few days before they can take down the listing.      

Amazon Registry 2.0 does not only protect your brand from counterfeiters, it also offers a wide array of privileges, such as the ability to add agents to your ABR account, a tool that empowers you to monitor your brand, and a dedicated support team. 

Amazon Project Zero: Next Level Brand Protection


Amazon Registry 2.0 is great. But, Amazon decided to move their anti-counterfeiting efforts to the next level.  On February 28, 2019, the retail giant launched Project Zero, an invite-only program that allows brands to proactively remove counterfeit items.

Project Zero is still at its early stage. For now, it has three major features, including:

  • Automated Protections

Powered by Amazon’s advanced machine learning technology, automated protections scan over five billion products each day to find counterfeit listings.

  • Product Serialization

This feature allows brands to apply unique codes to their products to make it easier for Amazon to confirm the products’ authenticity. This service is not free though. Amazon charges around $0.01 to $0.05 per item sold. 

  • Self-Service Counterfeit Removal

With Amazon 2.0, you have to contact Amazon to report and remove counterfeit listing. The self-service counterfeit removal tool allows you to proactively remove fake listings. But, you must use this tool with caution because you can lose your brand registry benefits if you constantly make erroneous removals.

As previously mentioned, Project Zero is an invite-only program for now. But, you can join the waitlist.

How to Join Amazon Brand Registry

Before you submit your ABR application, you must secure a registered trademark for every country that you want to enroll. For now, Amazon only accepts trademarks from the following countries:


Once you have the registered trademark, sign into your vendor or seller central account.  If you’re wondering how to find a registry on Amazon and how to  file an ABR application, you need to go to and fill up the ABR application form. You have to enter your brand name, upload an image of your product, provide your website link, and select your relationship with the brand (agent, brand owner, manufacturer, etc.). Make sure that your logo is both on your product and your packaging. 

Once you’re done, you have to wait for about two hours or overnight before you can get the approval.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a brand owner, you should definitely take advantage of Amazon Brand Registry. This feature does not only help you protect your brand from unauthorized sellers and counterfeiters. It also helps you preserve your brand identity, equity, value, and reputation. Plus, it allows you to add rich content to your product detail pages. This does not only increase your sales numbers and profit. It also keeps you one step ahead of your competitors.