How to Win the Amazon Branding Game and Achieve Massive Success


Creating a brand on Amazon is one of the essential keys to business success. It helps elevate your brand as an industry leader. It separates you from generic products and helps you stand out in a marketplace that’s filled with copycats. It gives you a competitive advantage and helps you increase your market share. After all, brand recall is one of the main reasons why shoppers buy a product.

Branding not only increases your brand equity. It also increases your credibility and it makes it easier for you to introduce new products in the market. This is why Apple has no problem selling iPhones.

Branding on Amazon: Step by Step Guide in Creating Successful Brand


Years ago, there’s a popular perception that flip flop is something that only poor people would wear mainly because it’s cheap. It was not considered glamorous or fashionable.

In 1966, Havaianas was born and it became popular amongst the lowest social classes in Brazil. At that time, you won’t see a rich person wearing a pair of these Brazilian sandals.

But, in the 1990s, Havaianas branding geniuses decided to release a line of high quality sandals that they marketed to people with higher social classes. Suddenly, everyone wants a pair. Wearing Havaianas slippers became fashionable. It was the “in” thing.

Soon, Havaianas became a global brand catering to the beach-loving hippies and surfers in Europe, South America, and in the United States. People in sunny states like California and Florida became obsessed with Havaianas slippers.

In 2000, the brand released colorful printed slippers that became popular amongst teenagers and even young professionals. Havaianas’ clever branding efforts forever changed the “flip flop” industry. Just like Havaianas, you can build a strong brand, too.

Building a solid brand on Amazon is not hard as you think. You just have to follow the following steps:

  1. You have to think of a catchy brand name. You must also come up with a memorable Amazon store name.

  2. You must check and make sure that your brand name is not affiliated to someone else. This can lead to confusion and can cause legal programs.

  3. Create a logo that best represents your brand.

  4. Design an eye-catching product packaging that appeal to your target market.

  5. Tell your story.

  6. Register your brand in Amazon Brand Registry to protect your branding efforts.

Building & Choosing an Awesome Brand Name

choosing brand name.jpg

Starbucks is not only popular because of its delicious coffee or great customer service. It’s popular because it has a winning brand name.

The name Starbucks is easy to remember and it exudes a certain vibe. It makes you feel like a star. It makes you feel like you’re worth a million bucks.

To build a successful brand on Amazon or on any other selling platform, you must pick a superstar brand name. Here’s a list of tips that you can use in picking the right brand name

1. Use a real word that’s easy to remember.

You want online shoppers to easily remember your brand, so it’s important to use a real word that’s easy to remember just like “Google”, ‘Apple”, “Yahoo”, “Amazon”, “Shell”, or “Amazon”. You can also use a combination of two short words like “Microsoft” and “Facebook”.

2. Pick a name that reflects your brand’s vision.

Google’s mission is to organize the millions of internet data so it’s easy for people to look for them. Sergey Brin and Larry Page picked a name that reflects their product’s mission.

3. Use images to inspire you.

Go to Google image search and look for in-context images that are associated to your product or the brand that you want to create. This will make it easier for you to pick a name that truly represents what your brand.

4. Check the thesaurus.

Let’s say that you’re selling aromatic oils. Instead of using generic names like essential oil, you can use the thesaurus to look for more interesting and captivating words such as elixir or potion.  

5. Think long term.

Let’s say that you’re selling yoga mats. You have two name choices “mat expert” and “yogaseentials”. Which one should you pick? Well, if you’re thinking long term, pick the brand name “yogaessentials”. This brand name has a bigger scope. This allows you to produce different product lines later on.

It’s best to use your brand name as your Amazon store name. This creates branding consistency and avoids confusion. But, if you’re planning to create and sell multiple brands in the future, it’s probably best to create a generic store name so you can add products from different niches later on.

Check If Your Brand Name Is Already Registered to Someone Else

After you’ve chosen a brand name, you have to make sure that your brand name is not registered to someone else. This will help you avoid disputes later on. This will also avoid confusion. You don’t want other businesses to benefit from your branding and marketing efforts.

Let’s say that you’re selling essential oils and you’ve chosen the brand name “magic oils”. To see if someone else owns a trademark for that one, follow these steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the “search our trademark database” box.


3. Click on “Basic Word Mark Search”.


4. Type your brand name on the “search term” field and click on “submit query”.

If you look at the results below, you’ll see that a number of businesses use the term “magic” and “oil” for their trademark.


If you want to create a unique brand, it’s best to choose another name.

Register the Trademark for Your Amazon Brand Products

A trademark is a symbol that represents your brand. It can be your logo, your brand name, your packaging, or anything that differentiates your product from the rest. There are two types of trademarked products – the unregistered ones (™) and the registered ones (®).

After you’ve chosen a unique brand name, you can use the sign (™). But, keep in mind that your trademark is useless at this point. You can enforce it. Should someone decide to take your brand name, there’s nothing you can do about it.

To protect your brand, you have to register your trademark through the United States Patent and Trademark’s website  But, it’s best to ask help from trademark and patent attorneys.

Registering your trademark gives you exclusive rights to your brand name. This means that you can sue anyone who uses your brand name and you can use the symbol ®. A registered trademark is also considered as an intangible property. Some financial institutions accept registered trademarks as security for loans.

Most of all, having a registered trademark allows you to take advantage of the Amazon Registry (ABR) program.

ABR allows you to control your product listings. It helps you protect your brand from counterfeiters. It also gives you access to useful tools and features like the Brand Store and EBC (enhanced brand content). These features enable you to create rich content and multi-page online product displays.

Create a Unique and Spectacular Amazon Seller Logo

create a logo.jpg

A good logo increases brand recognition and recall. It showcases your brand’s personality and professionalism. It helps you stand out in the vast sea of products sold on Amazon.

Let’s take Nike for example. The check logo is so powerful that it inspires brand loyalty.

If you have exceptional graphic design skills, you can create your own logo.  You can also use Canva to create a colorful and eye-catching logo. But, it’s wise to hire a professional graphic designer. You can find a number of graphic designers in freelance sites like Fiverr, Jungle Market, Upwork, and 99designs.

Creating an Eye-Catching Packaging for Your Amazon Branded Products

create packaging.jpg

Branding your product keeps you one step ahead of your competitors. It elevates your brand and separates it from the rest.

Let’s look at Chanel’s product packaging for example. Chanel’s packaging is simple and yet elegant. It is consistent and it exudes class and luxury. Everything about it looks refined and expensive.

Your product packaging must effectively communicate what your brand is all about. If you’re selling environment-friendly soaps, it may be wise to use recycled paper for your packaging.

Your packaging must also include the following information:

  1. GTIN or Global Trade Item Number- Company used this number to identify its products and trade items. You need to get a GTN Number (EAN or UPC) to get a fulfillment network stock keeping unit (FNSKU) for your product. You need this before you can sell your product on Amazon. You can get your GTIN from GS1. You can also get it from a third party provider such as Speedy Barcodes.

  2. FNSKU – This is a barcode specific to Amazon products. It’s generally used in Amazon warehouses. You have to print your FNSKU on the outer part of your packaging.

  3. Product and brand name

  4. Legal warning (if applicable)

  5. Certifications (if needed)

  6. Suffocation warning if you’re using polybags

Remember to keep your packaging simple, but easy on the eyes. Also, don’t forget to include your contact information. You can also print some your raving reviews on the package.

Final Thoughts

Creating a brand on Amazon is not as hard as you think. You just have to be thorough and creative. And if you don’t have a creative gene, you can always hire a marketing company to do all the branding work for you.