Product Development Associate for Retail

New Product Development Department — Full-time — Associate

Job Description

  • Take charge in the overall process of developing a new product or enhancing existing core products in order to meet the Retail customers’ expectations effectively
  • Provide sound recommendations for new product launches as supported by data and information sourced from various innovative resources such as e-commerce analytical programs, Google Trends, and social media landscape, among others
  • Deliver monthly financial targets (i.e. revenue and profit) by building a strong pipeline of breakthrough new products
  • Examine market, product, and/or design trends to assist in developing ways for the Retail business to remain competitive and as the market leader
  • Implement the existing Retail Product Development process of the company and constantly suggest improvements to make the process more efficient
  • Liaise with suppliers/vendors on negotiations that affect new product development
  • Establish and protect good relationships with external partners, such as suppliers in China/US and category buyers from existing partner retail accounts
  • Encourage cooperation among internal business units to ensure the alignment of projects. This includes overseeing risk management to determine gaps and issues that can cause delays in product launches
  • Monitor the day-to-day progress of various ongoing initiatives while doing research work

Job Requirements

  • Must have a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management, Business Administration, Creative Advertising, Entrepreneurship, and other relevant fields
  • Must have at least one (1) year relevant work experience in hitting monthly financial targets, coordination with cross-functional teams and external partners, doing extensive product research and development, and intensive project management initiatives
  • Proven track record of launching successful new products in the retail industry is a plus
  • Understanding and application of basic business financials is beneficial
  • Excellent in both written and oral English communication
  • Must have business case-oriented and strong analytical abilities. The candidate must be able to work with limited information, and a brief list of assumptions should not be a problem in building a strong recommendation for a new product
  • Must be project-oriented. The candidate must have a decent level of project management experience and has an experience in managing at least ten projects all at the same time
  • Must be highly resourceful, creative, and very detailed. The candidate must be eager to find new information and deep dive into new domains. She/he sees opportunities everywhere
  • Can proactively work with minimal supervision. The candidate must ensure to exercise decision-making and independent judgment while being aligned with the company vision and policies
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