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Open Positions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Working at MarketplaceOps Looks Like

Application Process

How do I apply?

Simply click on the 'learn more' button of the position you are interested in then completely fill up the application form shown in the page.

What does the application process look like?

The process may vary depending on the role you're applying for, but here's a glimpse of how your journey will be towards your dream role at MarketplaceOps:

Initial Interview: This is where we'll first get to know you and ask a few questions about your experience. This short conversation with our recruiters is also an opportunity for you to learn more about the role and MarketplaceOps.

Case Study: Depending on the role you're applying for, case studies may be assigned to measure your competency based on technical abilities, social and behavioral skills, and the like.

Meeting your Boss: While it can be difficult to know what your future boss is looking for during an interview, take the time to prepare for this important step in the hiring process. Show up as your best and honest self, and use it as an opportunity to get to know more who you'll be working with directly.

Decision and Offer: This last step is where we collect feedback from all your interviewers and case study results. Your recruiter will also be doing a background check and/or contacting people in your character reference then come back to you with a decision.

How do I prepare for my interviews?

Please prepare the following tools and equipment for interviews:

1. Stable internet connection

2. Laptop or desktop with headset and webcam

3. Zoom or other software needed in your computer as indicated by your recruiter

Your recruiter will provide you in advance with more information about meeting times, what to expect, and how to prepare via email.

What should I wear to my interview?

Wear comfortable yet presentable attire.

When can I expect to hear back after my final interview?

We make sure to send an update within a week regardless of the outcome. Unless otherwise stated, each job posting will specify when you can expect to hear back from us.

Can I apply for more than one position?

Yes! Just make sure to send a separate application for the different roles you are applying for.

I applied in the past but was not selected. Can I apply again?

You may apply after 2 months for a different role, and 6 months if you will apply for the same role.

Workplace Set-Up

What does your work schedule look like?

Our working hours are based on Pacific Standard Time (PST) with workdays from Mondays-Fridays.

We offer flexible working hours but have core hours that may vary according to your team/department. This will be discussed during your interview with the hiring manager.

Full-time staff is required to work 40 hours per week or 8 hours per day (with a minimum of 6 hours per day), while part-time staff is required to work 20 hours per week or 4 hours per day.

How do you process the salary of employees?

Payments are processed via Veem on a bi-weekly basis. It will go directly to your bank account with no deductions but the final amount will depend on the conversion rate of your local currency.

Is this an office or work from home set-up?

MarketplaceOps is a permanent work-from-home set-up and we are completely remote with over 70+ employees working around the globe!

What are your employee benefits?

Some of our benefits include PTOs, holidays off, personal health and wellness fund, maternity, paternity, and bereavement leave.

What tools do you use at work?

We use Slack as our communication tool, Zoom for video conferencing, Hubstaff as our time tracker tool, and ClickUp as our project management tool, among others.

What We Value

The Dream Team Culture

Work Hard, Have Fun

We take our work seriously but we know that having balance is just as important.

We highly value work-life balance here at MarketplaceOps, so we always encourage our employees to practice healthy habits for remote working and encourage rest when rest is due.

We also know that work doesn't have to be dull and boring, so whether it’s working together in a collaborative environment or traveling the world adventurously as a team, we take our professional fun and bring it to the workplace.

Commitment to Excellence

Continuous change is part of our DNA here at MarketplaceOps, and that means always challenging the status quo by asking ourselves, “what's the best way that we can do this?"

Answering that question involves demanding excellence so we can better commit ourselves to our colleagues, clients, and customers.

In our pursuit for constant improvement, we've dedicated our time and resources to multiple programs for career progression, managerial training, performance evaluations, and the like.

Respect, Empathy, and Diversity

MarketplaceOps proudly works with more than 50 employees across the globe. Regardless of our different paths in life, we recognize and reward every single employee's talent and skills.

Moreover, finding the best solution and creating a fun working environment requires that we look beyond our own perspective by respecting and empathizing with our colleagues, clients, and customers. Only from this point of view can we create positive change beyond ourselves and onto the world around us.

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