Hydrant’s drink mixes are power-packed with a balanced mix of electrolytes and real fruit juice powder. Be it for focus, energy, or general hydration, MarketplaceOps has been helping Hydrant with its mission to make health and wellness easily accessible for Americans shopping on Amazon.


Health & Wellness


To grow Amazon online presence and increase revenue by launching new product lines and growing existing product lines

Our Results In 4 Months



Revenue Generated


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Sales Increase

Listing Image Optimization

Our team started with differentiating Hydrant products’ four different functions (Hydrate, Energy, Immunity, and Sleep) through their new packaging and visual elements from the new Brand Guidelines

Overall, a fresh and modern treatment was done through the use of simple icons and flat but striking colors

Previously, their listing images didn’t include descriptions of each ingredient found in Hydrant, as well as how it was unique from other powdered drink mixes in the market

The team then added benefit-based infographics and an ‘Us vs. Them’ image to highlight product features to ultimately increase conversions

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