Expert Amazon sellers are not there to just launch a product and then forget about it. They’re constantly searching for new ways to optimize, whether it be in SEO, ranking, pricing, or the product listing content. More

Today, we'll break down Amazon Seller Central vs. Vendor Central. We'll also introduce a third business model: the Amazon Hybrid Model. This combines selling on both platforms instead of just one. The Amazon Hybrid Model is a

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New year, new challenges – or the same? 2022 is about to welcome another wave of Amazon predictions and trends and sellers must get on top of them before the new year even hits. From expanded brand-building

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In this episode by the Million Dollar Sellers Podcast, our cofounder, Fernando Campos, talks about how he hired generalists to start their eCommerce Amazon business and how he now hires coaches and uses organizational structure to drive

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Social media marketing has forever changed the advertising landscape. It has provided small and medium-sized brands an opportunity to reach a wider market and achieve accelerated growth. Social media campaigns can bring your business to new heights

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If you are an Amazon seller, there is a great chance that you are already familiar with sales optimization techniques and strategies. You may deem Amazon and Google as competitors. But in reality, you may also use

The holidays are a whirlwind, and the craze of it all involves being proactive when it comes to your marketing strategies, including Amazon PPC ads. 1. Start Your Amazon PPC Campaigns Now Truth be told, Amazon favors

It’s now important more than ever to be prepped for Black Friday and Cyber Monday this 2021, as consumers are planning to spend earlier compared to prior years. 57% are set to start shopping on or before

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Amazon is a product search engine that people use when they're at the lower end of the sales funnel and ready to purchase a particular product. This is why Amazon's A9 algorithm puts weight on purchase behavior

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Q4’s fast approaching and it’s time to gear up for what’s to come amidst the craze of Amazon holiday sales. With Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and Thanksgiving being the top 3 holiday season shopping days in the

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