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Trying to grow your CPG brand on Amazon? Listen in on the experts covering advanced strategies for Amazon product launches, merchandising, and ads. Featuring Patricia Menegoto of Startup CPG and the founders of MarketplaceOps, Nick Young and

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Get ready to be inspired and receive invaluable insights from our cofounder, Nick Young, as he talks about his success story of growing on Amazon and the lessons he learned along the way of launching winning products.

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In this podcast with Days of Nuggets, our cofounder, Fernando Campos, covers the 3 main steps to ensure that every Amazon seller out there can nail their product launches in one go. Fernando will be emphasizing how

The MarketplaceOps cofounders, Nick Young and Fernando Campos, talk about the lessons they learned from selling over $80 million worth of products on Amazon and Walmart in this podcast with eComWhiz. Things we'll cover: The Amazon Launch

Mike Zagare of PPC Entourage sits down with Fernando Campos of MarketplaceOps and Seller Tradecraft to discuss the ins and outs of Amazon product launches, special links and 3rd party resources to use when launching products, and

In this podcast with Kenji ROI, Fernando Campos, cofounder of MarketplaceOps and Seller Tradecraft, talks about his less than conventional strategies behind Amazon product research, launches, and scaling. Fernando gives us a peak on how to manage

In episode 175 of the AMPM Podcast, host Manny Coats speaks to 8-figure Amazon sellers and partners at Sellers Tradecraft, Fernando Campos and Nick Young, about how to begin and sustain a contending Amazon FBA business like

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