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Keyword Research for Amazon's PPC

How to do Keyword Research for Amazon’s PPC?

MarketplaceOps November 29, 2022 0 Comments

A strong Amazon PPC management approach is essential if you want to succeed on Amazon in 2023 and beyond.

Amazon’s internal advertising system includes pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, among other amazon marketing services. Brands, agencies, and independent sellers can use Amazon PPC to target particular keywords when creating product adverts that show up in both Amazon’s search results and those of rival retailers.

The right keywords are essential if you want your Amazon PPC campaign to stand out from the crowd and gain more sales. Prior to beginning your keyword research, it’s crucial to comprehend the market and product category you’re targeting. In order to increase the effectiveness of your PPC campaign, you should also study the search phrases your target audience employs.

Knowing which keywords to use and avoiding the poor ones can help you improve not only your conversion rate but also decrease your ACoS. (advertising cost of sale). Let’s have a look at the types of keywords before we discuss how to find them.

Types Of Keywords For Amazon PPC

Exact Match Keywords

Exact match keywords are the specific words or phrases you wish to be found for. For instance, if you bid on the exact match “smartwatch,” just “smartwatch” or “smart watches” will show up for you.

Phrase Match Keywords

Your products will appear in search results for queries containing your keywords. If you bid on the phrase “smartwatch,” for instance, you will also show up for “Noise Smart Watch” or “boAt Smart Watch.”

Long-tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are all keyword phrases with more than three words in them. In essence, long-tail keywords are just a collection of keywords. For instance, the term “watch” may have many forms, such as “smartwatches,” “analog watches,” or “watch.”

Broad Match Keywords

For all possible variations of your search phrases, you will be located. You will be found for “headphones” or “headsets” if you bid on the broad match “earphones,” for instance.

Which Keyword Match Type To Use In Your Amazon PPC Campaign

What goals, how much money you have available, and how long you’ve been selling on Amazon will determine the Amazon PPC campaign structure you should utilize in your Amazon Ad campaigns.

While a more seasoned business may be investing the majority of its investment on a few exact match types to triumph on its strongest keywords, a newer brand with a lower budget may start with broad match types to grow its visibility and audience on Amazon. Hiring a company for amazon marketing services will only help a newer brand to get their PPC campaign right in the first go.

Why Is Amazon Keyword Research Essential For A Successful PPC Ad Campaign?

Researching Amazon keywords is essential for pay-per-click advertising strategies. The success of any PPC ad campaign in capturing consumer attention and generating clicks on the advertising depends on the effectiveness of the targeted keywords.

You can achieve the following goals by conducting keyword research depending on your product, potential customers’ purpose, and the market:

  • Customer match: An audience interested in your chosen keywords will see your sponsored adverts. Your chances of receiving traffic, leads, and conversions from potential customers will increase as a result.
  • Message match: With audiences using product search terms comparable to the targeted keywords, your sponsored advertising will make sense, resulting in increased traffic and sales.

Without relevant keyword research, your ads would appear unconnected to the target demographic and generate no clicks or conversions. Every amazon marketing agency knows this.

Amazon PPC Keywords Research Technique

Step 1: Set Your PPC Ad Campaign Objectives

Prior to conducting any keyword research, decide what your PPC ad campaigns’ goals are. Most of the time, you already have goals in place. But if you don’t, think about this:

  • Conversion Intent: What action would you like customers to perform in order to go through the sales funnel?
  • Metric Intent: How many clicks and conversions do you anticipate in a given time frame?

You can use the objectives to discover what consumers are looking for when they click on your product advertisements. Therefore, you succeed when your Amazon keyword research is in line with your goals and the intent of customers.

Step 2: Start Amazon Keywords Research With The Right Tools

Keep in mind that only the appropriate keywords can guarantee the success of your advertising campaign. Utilizing the right Amazon keyword research tools is the most effective technique to find such keywords. You have a lot of solutions (both free and paid) that help you generate a relevant list of keywords, including:

  • Google Keyword Tool (Free)
  • Ahrefs (Paid Tool)
  • Keywords Everywhere (Paid Tool)

Step 3: Examine Keyword Metrics

Even when they clearly pertain to the item you intend to target with Ads, no two keywords are ever the same. You must look at their monthly search volume (MSV) and cost per click (CPC) to see how effective they are.

  • Monthly Search Volume: The number of keyword searches that happens throughout the course of one month. Here, a higher MSV is preferable. Your product ad campaigns will be exposed to and face more competition using keywords with higher monthly search volume.
  • Cost Per Click: When users use a certain keyword to click on display ads, advertisers must pay a CPC. Higher CPC search phrases frequently have good performance. However, it results in higher advertising expenses.

Finding the ideal MSV and CPC ratio when selecting keywords for your ad campaigns is crucial to ensuring the highest possible conversion rate while staying within your budget.

Step 4: Check Keywords That Are Performing Well

Don’t forget to look at what’s trending even when you spend a lot of effort into finding PPC ad keywords that work.

Through organic research, find out which terms your rivals are utilizing in their ads to increase conversions. The increased focus should be placed on the titles, ad copy, and keyword placement. Additionally, to assess the popularity and potential traffic of high-performing keywords, use a paid tool like Ahrefs, Keywords Everywhere, etc.

Since the trends keep changing, you will have to perform this same cycle every once in a while. Or, an amazon marketing agency can do it for you.


When a PPC marketing campaign is carried out successfully, it is the nicest feeling. With the correct keywords, right amazon marketing agency, you can make the most of the chance and have your PPC ad campaigns generate the conversions you need to turn a profit.

But Is It Really That Simple?

It takes a lot of research and analysis to find the best keywords for an Amazon PPC ad campaign. It can quickly turn into a laborious chore and consume the majority of your valuable time, which you could be using for important business operations. Therefore, it is advised that you hire a reputable company that provides amazon marketing services so that they can create a unique list of powerful keywords for your PPC ad campaigns.

MarketplaceOps is a top amazon marketing agency for online marketplaces that supports brands in accelerating their growth on Amazon. If you want to boost your sales through amazon PPC, contact us today!

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