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How to Manage Amazon PPC for the Holidays 2021

The holidays are a whirlwind, and the craze of it all involves being proactive when it comes to your marketing strategies, including Amazon PPC ads.

Amazon PPC Campaigns

1. Start Your Amazon PPC Campaigns Now

Truth be told, Amazon favors campaigns that have been running longer. If you haven’t already, begin your Amazon PPC campaigns now, and don’t act too late. The longer your campaign is running, the more data you’ll be able to collect in terms of keywords and the best bid strategies. The more data you have, the better and earlier you can optimize your campaigns before the Turkey 5 craze begins.

Moreover, it’s important to get your ads in front of shoppers who are starting their holiday shopping early. This will help you build exposure and relevance for new audiences, even those that won’t convert during the holidays as they have the potential to be retargeted after the holiday season.

Amazon PPC Advertising

2. Up Your Amazon PPC Advertising Spend

Increase your ad budget during the holidays so your campaigns won’t run out of funds and go dark during the most important, high-volume periods. Unfortunately, these costs won’t go down until after the New Year, so best to have a flexible budget on hand that’s prepared to receive more traffic and competition.

It’s recommended to increase your Amazon PPC ad spend from 1.5-2.5x your normal daily spend during T5 based on how giftable your product is. If your product is highly giftable, go into the 2-2.5x range of your normal daily spend.

Amazon PPC Advertising

3. Create Holiday-Based Amazon PPC Campaigns

Create additional campaigns that have holiday-based keywords such as those that have the word ‘gift’ in them. Examples could be ‘gifts for mom,’ ‘gifts for dad,’ ‘holiday stocking stuffers,’ and so on.

Aside from keywords, it’s important to optimize your listing content for the holidays as well. Make it a full circle and make sure your customers are landing on product detail pages that are consistent with your ‘gift’ themed keywords.

Holiday Amazon PPC campaigns will run for a shorter period of time, so be careful on what keywords you increase your bids on and decide to remove. Do frequent reviews of your campaigns to see what’s working and what’s not.

4. Use the ‘Adjust Bids by Placement’ Feature

The ‘Adjust Bids by Placement’ feature in Amazon PPC allows you to automatically adjust bids by up to 900% in order to get the top of search results. Though costly, this feature allows you to maximize your ROI, especially on top, giftable items in your product line.

Use the ‘Adjust Bids by Placement’ Feature

5. Optimize Your Product Detail Pages

Your Amazon PPC campaigns will be of no use if your customer lands on a product detail page that doesn’t meet their expectations. Make sure that 1) your PDP is highly-optimized, meaning you have high-resolution images, lifestyle images that show the product in use, product titles and bullet points that reflect important product benefits, and EBC or A+ content that highlights your brand and product story.

Second, make sure that your PDP is optimized for the holidays. This means that your images should feature a holiday-themed template, be it in red and green colors or with a ribbon. Don’t forget to include holiday keywords in your listing content as well. Include the same keywords you used in your Amazon PPC campaign, such as ‘gifts for mom,’ ‘gifts for dad,’ and the like.

Final Thoughts

Amazon PPC ads are better over organic search when it comes to the holiday craze. It’s a great way to put your foot in the door for customers browsing early for holiday gifts, so having a campaign that’s highly optimized for the holidays and organized for optimum conversion is a must.

If you need help managing your Amazon PPC, our expert team here at MarketplaceOps can help. With over 10+ years of combined Amazon experience, you won’t go wrong with our knowledge and guidance on optimized marketing strategies for sure success. Contact us today for a free consultation and strategy session!



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