Amazon's Play for the Future: 2019 Biggest e-Commerce Trends

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Amazon’s Play for the Future covers the following:

  • The Amazon business will keep winning, driving new innovations in 2019

  • The rise of global marketing will continue to be a huge trend for the future

  • Omnichannel eCommerce will allow Amazon brands to garner increased revenue from being in touch with the consumer 24/7

  • People-based marketing tailored and personalized for each consumer will be the new norm

  • Advertising features on Amazon will increase, and will be mobile- and video-driven.

  • Amazon’s AI technology, or Alexa, will have way more capabilities due to machine learning

  • Initiatives for vendors will allow Amazon to create more opportunities for insiders.

  • Amazon headquarters will continue to grow, creating more jobs and changing the economic and physical landscape of cities.