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Amazon Brand Protection

Drive prices back to true MSRP and get rid of unauthorized sellers altogether.

Customer Service Solutions

Fast and efficient responses day-in and day-out.

Inventory Planning & Supply Chain

Have your own fully-integrated supply chain and inventory planning team.

Listing Optimization & SEO

Stay updated on the latest optimization trends.

Merchandising Strategy

Fuel your product development process and drive sales growth.

Project Sling

Shift Advertising Dollars to one-time paid costs to drive organic ranking and sales.

Sponsored Ads & Marketing

Get more traffic on your listings with a variety of creative promotions.

Our proprietary technology allows you to view your brand's sales performance in detail. From fulfillment and marketplace fees all the way to advertising fees, we provide incredibly accurate top-down reporting so that you know your exact return on investment on a weekly basis.

Gain a complete view of your business and customers. We’ve invested in building an analytics solution that collates all these data from various sources to create a holistic view that will help your business. You will know where you stand on your new product launch, targeted keywords, pricing strategy, campaigns & promotions spending, and supply chain among others. The right metrics for each of these activities are plugged in – taking away the guesswork on which data to mine to generate useful and or actionable insights.

As customers constantly shift their online buying behavior, we look at the patterns that drive these. We include these in your reports – how they respond to your ad campaigns, product listing assets, and promo offerings. You’ll know if you’re effectively winning your target customers or understand why you're losing them.

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MarketplaceOps understands what data to focus on and generates these into reports and insights that truly matter to drive impactful decisions. We look at your product performance, advertising & marketing spend, inventory performance, competitive landscape, account health, and the voice of the customer.

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