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We drive your prices back to true MSRP by ensuring that all B2C sales on Amazon flow back directly to your company. With a variety of advanced techniques, we know exactly how to get rid of grey market sellers, unauthorized sellers, and IP infringers from competing marketplaces.

With the millions of items being sold on Amazon, differentiating your product from the thousands of competitors in the largest online retailer in the world can be difficult – even with eye-catching product images, an engaging product description, or a solid PPC strategy. So no matter how perfect things are internal, Amazon’s competitive marketplace populated with grey market sellers, unauthorized sellers, and IP infringers can and will damage your brand’s reputation overnight.
With the looming threat of brand erosion, protecting your brand on Amazon becomes a vital step in securing your business’s future in online retail. ‘Unprotected’ brands on Amazon face serious challenges from third-party sellers that can either sell counterfeit products under your brand’s name or sell your product with incorrect information, all of which can lead to negative reviews for your brand — and every seller knows that negative reviews can be instant kill for business owners on Amazon.
Amazon’s Brand Registry ensures the protection of your intellectual property and an accurate representation of your brand, and though it’s an effective solution for brand infringement with over an average of 99% fewer suspected infringements reported by enrolled brands — sellers can’t solely rely on Amazon alone.

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To ensure round-the-clock protection, let MarketplaceOps proactively safeguard your brand, products, and customers through combined advanced techniques that rid of unauthorized third-party sellers altogether.

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