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With so much emerging competition in the market, it can be tough to make your product stand out. And once you establish yourself as a brand, there is always a risk of duplicate and fake products getting launched in the market, IP infringers from competing marketplaces, and whatnot!

But don’t worry as we offer protection for both brands and customers from fraud and abuse. At MarketplaceOps, we provide a comprehensive brand protection service for Amazon, which can automatically detect and remove intellectual property infringements on the platform by following these three key steps:

#1 Detect

Utilizing AI-powered bots to conduct an hourly search of Amazon for potential violations of terms of service. In addition, MarketplaceOps makes use of cutting-edge image recognition technology to detect trademark, patent, and brand infringements on the photos that are included in Amazon listings.

#2 Remove

In order to get rid of fraudulent listings, you should remove them and then automatically take legal action against the merchants who are violating your registered trademark, patent, or copyright. MarketplaceOps will establish automation rules in order to immediately begin the process of enforcing the terms of the agreement on a case-by-case basis.

#3 Measure

We will supply analytics and reports to measure the impact that MarketplaceOps’ brand protection actions have had on your company’s brand.

We ensure that you are the only seller featured on Amazon and remove any other unauthorized or counterfeit sellers who are attempting to profit off of your brand’s presence on Amazon.

We Offer 24X7 Monitoring and Protection

There can be times when a fraudulent seller takes over your listing. Or your images, title, bullet points, or description can get altered without your authorization by a seller who is not authorized to do so. In order to help with a quick solution, we employ our own in-house tools to perform vigilant real-time monitoring of your Amazon listings around the clock, 24X7. Because the product listing is being updated in real-time, we are able to take action within seconds rather than days.

Get Amazon Brand Protection From A Team Of Seasoned Professionals

We have developed data-powered programs and protection tools that are the best in their class and can detect, prevent, and eliminate infringements. Our committed group of investigators, data scientists, analysts, engineers, and business leaders won’t give up until we have eliminated all instances of counterfeiting completely.

Get The Best Of The Latest Technology

We come up with cutting-edge technology, such as models based on machine learning, in order to detect and eliminate dishonest actors and listings. By continually developing new ways of protection, making investments in existing protections, and improving existing protections, we protect both customers and brands.

We Bring Counterfeiters To Justice

We work closely with brands to collect rich information about their intellectual property and products, which we use to detect, investigate, and remove counterfeit items from our stores. We also use this information to identify bad actors as potential targets for prosecution all over the world.

Amazon’s Brand Registry ensures the protection of your intellectual property and an accurate representation of your brand, and though it’s an effective solution for brand infringement with over an average of 99% fewer suspected infringements reported by enrolled brands — sellers can’t solely rely on Amazon alone.

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To ensure round-the-clock protection, let MarketplaceOps proactively safeguard your brand, products, and customers through combined advanced techniques that rid of unauthorized third-party sellers altogether.

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