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Advanced Sales Performance Reporting

View your sales performance in detail with our proprietary technology.

Amazon Brand Protection

Drive prices back to true MSRP and get rid of unauthorized sellers altogether.

Inventory Planning & Supply Chain

Have your own fully-integrated supply chain and inventory planning team.

Listing Optimization & SEO

Stay updated on the latest optimization trends.

Merchandising Strategy

Fuel your product development process and drive sales growth.

Project Sling

Shift Advertising Dollars to one-time paid costs to drive organic ranking and sales.

Sponsored Ads & Marketing

Get more traffic on your listings with a variety of creative promotions.

MarketplaceOps manages your product ratings and reviews by closely monitoring the conversations around your product – both positive and negative. The team produces a comprehensive report to help you better understand your customers on why they are happy or unhappy with your product.

We do our best to stay ahead of your customers’ needs. We have set effective communication strategies that cover all possible concerns that respond to customers in a timely manner and reduce the churn rate. The team understands Amazon’s Voice of the Customer metric and meticulously ensures that your account is given a great if not excellent score.

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Every business’ goal is to make their customers happy. To support you on this endeavor, we have a team of seasoned customer service professionals who will take good care of your customers for you. This includes addressing product inquiries, processing returns and refunds, and working with your customers’ concerns on their overall product experience.

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