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Advanced Sales Performance Reporting

View your sales performance in detail with our proprietary technology.

Amazon Brand Protection

Drive prices back to true MSRP and get rid of unauthorized sellers altogether.

Customer Service Solutions

Fast and efficient responses day-in and day-out.

Inventory Planning & Supply Chain

Have your own fully-integrated supply chain and inventory planning team.

Listing Optimization & SEO

Stay updated on the latest optimization trends.

Project Sling

Shift Advertising Dollars to one-time paid costs to drive organic ranking and sales.

Sponsored Ads & Marketing

Get more traffic on your listings with a variety of creative promotions.

Each online retail channel presents merchandising opportunities that can drive increased sales growth. Our team members are experts at identifying these opportunities to help you fuel your product development process and drive more sales.

Let MarketplaceOps drive your sales conversions with digital merchandising strategies optimized and adapted to suit your brand’s goals — whatever they might be. We identify all potential merchandising opportunities through intensive data and analytics to fuel product development, backed by customer-focused and engaging strategies that will boost sales even after your time with us.

Using proprietary technology, our category managers tackle your merchandising at all levels. From product type, size, and color to pricing, we identify all points that will satisfy your needs and the customer’s wants at the same time. Instead of simply focusing on product, we work to highlight the consumer value behind it.

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Complemented by our world-class marketing services such as enhanced product images and listings, our targeted merchandising strategies ensure cost-effective and profit-generating  tactics that provide your business with all-around, sustainable solutions.

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