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The Definitive Guide to Amazon SEO

Get Your Product on the First Page of Amazon SERP

E-Commerce, whether desktop or mobile, has considerably grown over the years. Amazon is no longer the online book retailer that it was decades ago. It is now the biggest name in eCommerce and it accounts for more than 49% of all online sales worldwide.

But given the large number of online shoppers who rely on Amazon, one mustn’t forget the fact that there are over 2 million Amazon sellers (as of Jan 2018) who compete to get a share of these buyers. So if you are among those 2 million sellers, wouldn’t you want to do everything it takes to take advantage of that high level of consumer purchase intent?

What’s Inside

  • Amazon SEO Basics
  • About Amazon’s A9 Search Algorithm
  • How to Optimize Amazon Product Listings
  • Other Factors that Affect Amazon Rankings

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      August 30, 2020 Reply

      Thank you for this guide. It’s so helpful.

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