WEBINAR: Ultimate Guide to Protecting your Brand on Amazon
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WEBINAR: Ultimate Guide to Protecting your Brand on Amazon

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In order to stay on top of your brand on Amazon, you must remain hyper competitive and vigilant. Because Amazon is an open market, you will soon find yourself competing against hundreds of sellers on a daily basis. These sellers are willing to do anything to get ahead and you must learn how to protect your brand at all cost to ensure the best experience for your customers. Amazon is also known for their pro-buyer policies that are designed to keep prices down and the competition tough. 

For this month’s webinar, we will be discussing how you can protect your brand on Amazon - whether it be from other sellers or Amazon’s price-reducing mechanism.

Attend the webinar and learn:

  • How to handle unauthorised resellers

  • How to enforce MAP policies 

  • How to use Amazon Brand Registry to your advantage 

  • How to enforce your brand identity on your listing & website 

  • And more...

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